Must Read Admin Requirements & Application Process (MUST READ)

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    Admin Requirements & Application Process For Becoming a Smoker's Lounge Gaming Community Admin:
    • Must be at least 18 years of age.
    • Your application must be posted in this section (Admin Application Section) for a minimum of 3 months OR you must have a minimum of 100 hours played in our server, prior to sponsorship.
    • In order for your application to be moved to vote, it must be sponsored by one of SL's Admin (cannot be a New Recruit Admin)
    • Once your application has been chosen by an Admin for sponsorship, your application will be posted in the Admin section. Upon approval, you will become an SL New Recruit Admin. You will maintain this status for a minimum of 90 days.
    • A member of SL Management will get you set up with your credentials for Source Bans, Server Access, and your sponsor will show you the ropes. This will include accessing and navigating Admin menus in game, proper use of Admin commands, and accessing and navigating Source Bans.
    • During your SL New Recruit period, your sponsor should be your primary point of contact for any important issues you may encounter. If your sponsor is not available, the next step would be to contact one of our Community Managers or Staff Members for assistance. Questions that should be directed towards your sponsor, or a member of SL's staff should be anything regarding problems with your account, issues with Source Bans, correcting a ban mistake, or other similar problems. Of course all of our Admin are more than happy to help you with any general questions you may have.
    • You will be expected to maintain a positive and supportive roll with SL through the entire application process and continue so as a Regular Admin. Excessive complaints and/or actions detrimental to SL Admin, or the SL Community may result in disciplinary action up-to and including suspension/removal of Admin privileges and/or permanent ban from our servers.
    • Once you have reached your 90 day mark as an SL New Recruit Admin, your application will be put up for vote. This vote will determine whether or not you will be kept as Admin and moved to Regular status, or if we feel that Admin may not be the best fit for you, and SL's gaming community. If approved, you will be moved to Regular Admin and this will complete the recruiting process!
    Good luck to all our applicants! We really appreciate your interest with SL and our community!
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    All applicants need to read this post thoroughly before posting an app. A lot of people don't read the requirements for admin. If you really want to be considered for admin you need to, at the very least, show us that you can read the instructions. It looks bad if you apply and have errors or don't meet the requirements.

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