What up y'all! March Madness is in full effect! Spring is here, the weather is finally changing, and SLGaming has some changes in full swing as well! New servers, a new competitive/match-making group, new maps on our Smokers Lounge #1 server, and an upcoming group of new admin as well!

First, and obviously most important, we want to give mad props to everyone's continued support of our gaming community! We really appreciate all the donations, suggestions, and new comers joining our Smokers Lounge community! Our servers are continuing to expand. With that said, we are still in heavy search for new Admin! Post your Admin applications and Introductions so everyone can get to know you and, of course have fun!!! We have already placed several Admin applications up for review, and more will be added!

Now, lets...

Whats up everybody! Breakin in to the new year! SL is doing well! Really glad to see more regulars populating our servers! Love that you guys are all spreading the SL4L word! Keep in mind that we are running multiple servers running several games including CS:Go, Insurgency, L4D2, & Battlefield 4. We'd love to see more of you in those servers as well, and to see them more populated in general. So please, spread the word! :D

Regarding our Skins Contest that we had mentioned running back at the end of December... We really didn't see a big interest/response in the news that we will be doing that. It is still something that we'd love to engage you guys in, but we need to see a large number of people interested so the contest brings in some good skins!

Another note. You guys may have noticed that our site has gone through some slight changes over the past week. Don't be alarmed. We are not going to be changing sites again. We are however looking to do...

2014 is HERE OUR SERVERS HAVE BOTH CRACKED TOP 50!!! #1 is @ 44th, and our DM server is @ 38th!!! Really glad to see more of you guys on forums! The community is really picking back up since we switched to our new slgaming page! Great seeing some new applicants interested in Admin, as well! Please keep in mind guys that we really need dedicated players first and foremost, to consider for future Admin positions. Also, there is no "set" time frame from the point that you apply, to the point in which you are accepted into Admin. We want to see that you are a solid fit before you are considered for a possible position!

Alright, so the details are still being worked out, but we are planning a rather big contest (hopefully)! We are searching for new Admin/VIP skins for our server. We are looking for something unique, stylish, and kick-ass! We are...
What up ya'll! Holiday season is among us, and our servers are doing well. However there is always room for improvement! Currently our CS:Go No Awp/Auto server is ranked 140th (28th in the US) and our CS:Go Deathmatch server is ranked 78th (18th in the US). Servers are running well, but these numbers are both down from a couple months ago. On the flip-side, we do have three Battlefield 4 servers running. Two are 32 player Official Team Deathmatch, and the other is Hardcore Conquest 64 player, Server info is on our front page .​
That said, we are ramping up recruits for new Admin. Specifically we are looking for some new Admin that are both willing to help populate server during morning & afternoon hours for our primary No Awp/Auto server as well as ramp up population in our Competitive server. Also we are seeking a few Admin to play primarily in our Deathmatch server! So if you're a...
Updated 10/06/2013 @ 11:44PM PST

We have made it back into the TOP 100 of all servers for CS:Go with our DM server. Thank you all who have been playing there and all the admins that get rid of trouble makers trying to hamper our success ! ! !
Our no awp server is currently at #112! .....GO SL!!!

  • We are Testing 4 New maps on our NAA Server (NoAwp/Auto), cs_compound, de_keystone, de_print, and de_kyrenia. We will have a Thread up soon so people can Vote on each map to help us decide if we will keep them in the End Of Round Vote.
  • Make sure to check out our old Hollywood server which is now the Competition server, which allows the AWP and auto snipe, and only give $800 starting cash.

If you have any questions please feel free to shoot us a message or post on the forums!
All the IP Address's are located on the bottom of the front...