This Month we have a Tesoro Excalibur, and Two Tesoro Tizona's to Give Away!
Thanks to our New Sponsor!

This Raffle will last the Month of May.
Members may Enter Once Every 5 Days for a Total of 4 Entries.
We will draw the winners on May 31st @ 10:00pm PST.

Again this Raffle is Free to All Members on the Site!

Just Sign-in and Enter to Win!

What up Smokers!?
A couple of things to announce!

First, I know many of you waited for what seemed like an eternity for the release of GTA V, and it's finally here! Many of our SL4L and Admin are playing and in our TeamSpeak. Everyone is welcome in our TeamSpeak so feel free to join up and game with us! We have a channel dedicated to GTA V as well, if you'd prefer to play with some of your friends. If you join and don't see anyone on, check the clients list, as many of us may be in a private admin channel. Just poke 40, Prolifik, Amp'D or another Admin that is on, if you wanna join up with us! If you are streaming your GTA V gameplay, feel free to add your channel to our Streams page.

CS:Go officially released their next weapons case iteration, Chroma 2! The update itself is minimal, with the most known bug, super fast crouch speeds while using the scout, being remedied. So it...
What's up Smokers!? Spring is in full swing and we have a bunch of updates to announce!

First, we are pleased to welcome Tesoro Technologies as SL's official sponsor! Tesoro specializes in gaming peripherals including Mice, Mouse Pads, Keyboards, and Headsets! We are also very happy to announce that Tesoro has donated some of their products to be put up for Raffle! This months Raffle will include 3 Aegis X3 Virtus Pro Gaming Mouse Pads! Given that we have some new items up for grabs, we have also modified our Raffle just a bit. Now, members may enter once every 5 days, and are limited to a maximum of 4 entries per monthly raffle.

Now like I said before, we have a new monthly raffle going on for the month of April. 3 Virtus Pro Gaming Mouse Pads will be given away! We will draw the winners on April 30th @ 10:00pm PST. Stay tuned for more monthly and weekly raffles!

Speaking of monthly raffles, we would like to congratulate our March...
This is a special raffle this time. The 1st prize winner gets a Fire serpent AK47. It is worth over 100 dollars and is a beaut. We wanted to do something special for our community members this month! A super big shout out to our new admin Gold, for donating this weapon for the raffle. Plz thank him if you see him in game, hell of a guy.

Click the link to go to the raffle. You just have to be signed into the forums to sign up. And you can sign up only once so you will get a message saying max entries reached after you enter into the raffle system. Good luck to you all and the drawing is march 31st !!!

What's up Smokers!?
With Christmas just around the corner, and the new year on it's way, SL wanted to give you guys an update, and throw out a Christmas raffle giveaway! So we'll dive right in! Starting on Thursday, December 18th, we will be holding a Christmas raffle! Entrance is free of course, and the top 3 chosen will receive a gift from SL. First place will receive a AK-47 Black Laminate! Second and third place will receive a case-and-key combo. Don't wait, enter now for your chance to win! The raffle will close at 11:59 PM Christmas eve, with the winners being drawn @ 6 PM Christmas morning!
As for the recent server issues, we want to extend our thanks to everyone that remained patient with SL and continues to enjoy gaming in our servers. Our members are hard at work to ensure that you guys all have the best gaming experience while playing in our servers, and we always love the continued support from all of you!
The new year is right around...